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Writer's Group


The Heart of Miami New Musicals/Plays on Purpose



Meeting weekly, Miami New Musicals/Plays on Purpose facilitates writers groups, each with four to six developing projects. Writers – bookwriters, composers and lyricists – are given the opportunity to for their work to be listened to and given feedback so that effective re-writing can occur.  It is our hope that new collaborations will naturally arise from these groups. For more information and our North Miami location, please contact


Wordspersons use the tools of their craft: perfect rhyme, scansion, and a deep understanding of the human psyche to create relatable and interesting characters. Details - specifics. Fresh images.


Brings the characters to life.

Moves the story forward.

Express highly emotional moments.


The book is the structure of the musical. You can’t decorate the house till you’ve built it. Without a solid, well-crafted book, the musical cannot succeed. In our writer’s group we focus on telling stories dramatically and with the utmost clarity, whatever form it ultimately takes.